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 AdVerve is an advertising agency in Austin, TX. We are a team of visionaries, marketing strategists, artists, technologists, media professionals and storytellers. Together we tell the compelling story that is your brand. Our StrategyExecution and Research Analytics connect all the dots in TV, Digital, Web, Mobile, Search, Social, Print and Radio in order to quickly move your business 

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Creatively Led.

​Strategically Driven.

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Creatively Led.

Strategically Driven.

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*We create value through outstanding service, collaboration and results.

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Randall Dark's videos promote events or causes from an award winning film perspective. His feature film, Seadrift vs.The Big Guy is an example of the quality storytelling that he delivers. AdVerve also generated media attention for the film's participation in WorldFest Houston, where it won a Gold Remi Award.

Dr. Joe Schaefer, Digital Director - received his Doctorate in 1997 from the University of Texas and he has consulted with thousands of business owners on improving digital marketing results. His passion lies in creating custom solutions and strategies that change the course of a company's future. With Joe's digital marketing expertise he is the perfect compliment to the AdVerve media mix that delivers outstanding results to our client partners across all screens. Joe is a Founder of Motiliti, Inc. and is Google Certified in Advanced Analytics and AdWords, and is Gold Level Certified in programmatic media, VOD and linear TV.

Scott Martin, Sales Director - is a former professional musician who has appeared on "The Tonight Show," assorted television specials and live venues worldwide (with Lynda Carter, Bob Hope, The Smothers Brothers, etc.). Migrating from music to Multimedia, Scott moved from LA to Boulder, Colorado where his many projects landed him as a finalist at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2003. His success with high-end multimedia projects for law firms led him to create the Live On Page delivery mechanism and start Motiliti, Inc. in 2006. Scott relentlessly applies his experience and wisdom to make the greatest impact with each custom message, keeping it fresh, relevant and effective.

"An organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of it's people to create value." - Andrew Carnegie

John Russell, Business Strategist - For over twenty years, John has successfully fused together customer experiences, employee loyalty and brand advertising for hundreds of companies in North America and Europe. As Principal of his own firm, The Russell Consulting Group, he is able to look at the big picture and ensure that businesses walk the talk of their brand and advertising. Comprehensive services include customer surveys, focus groups, mystery shopping/going under-cover, employee motivation, competitive assessments and Business Planning Days. In addition, he is a political strategist for Congressional, State House and City Council campaigns.

​​​Randall P. Dark, Chief Creative Consultant - is a Cinematographer, Director, Producer and an undisputed pioneer in the HiDef industry. In the past 2 decades, Randall has built production and postproduction facilities in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Nashville and now in Austin (Bulltiger Productions). Mr. Dark and/or his companies have been involved in over 3,000 HD projects including feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, corporate presentations, product launches and live events. With the creative expertise and perspective of Randall P. Dark, AdVerve will perfectly infuse your custom marketing strategy with the award-winning creative vision and execution that will build your brand and achieve outstanding results.

Bob Brown, President - is a Sales, Development & Media Marketing Specialist who believes that a winning end result is best realized in terms of greater sales more cost efficiently achieved. Surrounded by a passionate and creative team of leaders, Bob orchestrates the elements of each custom strategy - "With unity of vision, execution is undiluted." Bob spent 20 years in sales and management positions in network TV, Radio, and Newspaper before he Co-Founded the digital and social media marketing agency Motiliti, Inc. (with Dr. Joe Schaefer and Scott Martin in 2007). Bob is also the Founder of AdVerve, LLC and OutWord.TV.

Tatum Brown, Vice President - Media (no relation to Bob) - has 20 years media planning and buying experience in markets all across North America. As great as Tatum is with precise details and negotiation, she is equally skilled in designing campaigns that speak with one voice across multiple media. Tatum is proficient with all the essential tools of her trade in ratings research and quantitative and qualitative audience segmentation. Before coming to AdVerve, Tatum worked at GSD&M, The Stanhope Group, ThinkStreet and Williams-Crawford where she worked on the AT&T, Walmart, Chili's, StemCite Family, Coca-Cola and DreamWorks Animation accounts.

​​Daniel Williams, Video & Motions Graphics Producer - is a talented and creative pro who artistically generates and translates conceptual ideas into the meaningful sensory magic that gives projects their "WOW" factor. He has worked in network television, sports broadcast and corporate video productions for 8 years. He is responsible for over a thousand successful projects with both Motiliti and AdVerve.  Danny is proof that you win with good people.

"Let us prove to the world that good taste, good art, and good writing can be good selling." - William Bernbach