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 AdVerve is an advertising agency in Austin, TX. We are a team of visionaries, marketing strategists, artists, technologists, media professionals and storytellers. Together we tell the compelling story that is your brand. Our StrategyExecution and Research Analytics connect all the dots in TV, Digital, Web, Mobile, Search, Social, Print and Radio in order to quickly move your business 

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AdVerve helped a national retailer with both e-commerce and 100 retail stores to increase sales in December 2015 by 9.3% over the same month/previous year. They came into the 2015 holiday season down 8% from previous year, expecting lower holiday sales in proportion to the previous months of 2015. AdVerve reversed the trend with a +17% up-tick in holiday sales. While we helped them grow their sales, we also produced some other great results as part of their Web Marketing and Radio strategy: +60% Web Traffic, +27% Brand Lift and a +13% Increase in intent to purchase. The ROI translated into some incredible numbers...we delivered targeted impressions through an equal mix of Desktop and Mobile Pre-Roll Video, Display and Social Media ads for a CPM of well under $9​which even included all production costs.

BREAKTHROUGH with creative branding

A Regional client partner of AdVerve has a highly specific target audience within the corporate purchasing world. After careful researching we created a target profile and marketing strategy. We implemented a dynamic digital plan that was designed to reach only their ideal prospects. With a minimal monthly budget, we consistently generate (per month) 78,000 remarking ad impressions, 3,600 Pre-Roll Video impressions, 12,700 Facebook impressions and nearly 300 new visits to their website. What they pay is confidential, but if you divide their total monthly budget by the number of phone calls we generate to their stores, they are paying $15 per qualified lead. That's a lead that has already been exposed to the message, products and services and who wants to get a quote or schedule an appointment.


​​PRECISION TARGETING - low cost leads

Case Study:  SALES BOOST

When we began our partnership with Bonilla Law Firm, they had been using local television advertising for several years. TV advertising was working for them. Our job was to make it work better. Using the same monthly budget, we adjusted the targeting and added a new programming strategy. After negotiating lower rates and implementing the new plan, they have experienced a 40% gain in new clients (with the identical budget)! The Firm has decided to increase their monthly budget as the ROI is irresistible.

Samuels Jewelers in Austin, TX wanted to attract new potential Bridal customers into their stores by giving away 100 free Bridal Makeovers (that included a professional makeover and a professional portrait wearing $100,000 of awesome jewelry). By creating the page, we told Radio listeners to simply go to that website to sign-up to receive an e-mail invitation. People who saw the ad on their screens simply had to click the link. The promotion generated huge participation, and we were able to track exactly where the leads came from (by subtracting the number of people who signed up by Digital ads from the total number of leads, the difference was the Radio leads ). We learned a great deal about reaching Samuels Jewelers audiences and maximizing their ad mix efficiencies.

"AdVerve's creative concepts were spot-on. They were able to greatly increase our monthly new patient appointment totals through  a synchronized TV and Print campaign. They got us lower TV rates so we used the extra budget money to add the magazine component without increasing our budget. The "Look as Good as You Feel" campaign was our most successful campaign ever."  -John Riccini, CEO Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeons, PA (CTVS and VeinSolutions)

PROMOTIONAL TEST, generates quality leads

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